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Wonderfully Made

Oct 4, 2021

Your hosts, Allie Marie Smith and Christie Myers, invite you for a conversation on what it means to truly bloom in our lives. Inspired by chapter 7 from Allie's new book, "Wonderfully Made," titled "Made to Bloom" this episode unpacks what it means to "pull our own weeds and tend to our own garden." Be challenged to identify the things (or weeds) that are causing destruction or robbing you of peace and joy in your life. We reflect on the spiritual principles Jesus shares in John 15 about the "vine and the branches" and discuss what it means to abide in God. Allie and Christie share what "pulling weeds and tending to their own gardens" have looked like in their lives and invite you to reflect on three powerful life-coaching questions. We hope this conversation helps you bloom even more beautifully in your life. Listen to Christie's testimony here and get a copy of "Wonderfully Made" from Target, Amazon, or your favorite retailer.