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Wonderfully Made

Jun 4, 2024

Do you ever experience emotions that leave you paralyzed and confused? In this conversation, Allie Marie Smith interviews Dr. Allison Cook about conflicting thoughts and emotions. Dr. Cook shares the core message of her book, 'I Shouldn't Feel This Way,' which focuses on naming and understanding complicated emotions. She emphasizes the importance of getting curious and compassionate with ourselves, as well as the process of framing and braving our emotions. Dr. Cook introduces the MEPS exercise as a practical tool for self-reflection and communication. She also discusses the concept of gaslighting ourselves and the need for self-compassion. The conversation concludes with a reminder of God's desire for healing and the importance of knowing our worth.




-Name and understand your emotions, especially the complicated ones.

-Get curious and compassionate with yourself, allowing for the coexistence of conflicting feelings.

-Practice the MEPS exercise (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual) for self-reflection and communication.

-Avoid gaslighting yourself and instead cultivate self-compassion.

-Remember that God desires healing for every part of you and that your healing journey is not selfish.


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