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Wonderfully Made

Jan 15, 2024

You deserve to feel good — not just in your body, but in your whole being. Learn how to reclaim your health, fitness, and body in a journey toward holistic health. In our conversation with Pilates Instructor and author Robin Long we talk about:

  • A new perspective on wellness and fitness that aligns more with God’s design.

  • How to have grace with yourself when you feel uncomfortable in your body. 

  • How to experience a grace-over-guilt mindset to release shame and develop helpful habits in every season of life.

  • How to reframe how you view your body, fitness, and food.

Robin Long is the founder and CEO of Lindywell, an online community that provides

Pilates workouts and wellness resources for busy women all over the world. She is a

certified Pilates instructor with eleven-plus years of teaching, writing, and guiding

women on their health and wellness journeys. Robin believes in a guilt-free, balanced

approach to health and fitness and is passionate about helping women care for their

bodies. Robin lives with her family in Santa Barbara, California.


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