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Wonderfully Made

Jun 18, 2024

Have you experienced trauma at the hands of others? Are you having a hard time healing and finding forgiveness? In this episode, Allie Marie Smith and guest Susannah Griffith discuss the topic of forgiving after trauma. They explore the intersection of Biblical forgiveness and trauma. They discuss the common ways girls and women have been traumatized, and the harmful ways forgiveness has been weaponized. They also discuss the importance of acknowledging and processing anger, the concept of trauma-informed forgiveness, and practical steps for healing and biblical forgiveness. The conversation emphasizes the importance of putting the survivor first and allowing them to heal at their own pace. If you have experienced trauma we hope this conversation will help you heal and move forward. 



-Trauma is an adaptive reality of how our bodies, emotions, and spirits seek to survive in a world shattered by circumstances outside of our control.

-Many girls and women have been traumatized by others, especially sexually.

-The Bible does not condone or require immediate forgiveness in cases of trauma.

-Anger is a valid emotion and can be part of the healing process.

-Trauma-informed forgiveness involves prioritizing the survivor's safety and well-being.

-Practical steps for healing and biblical forgiveness include seeking professional help, setting boundaries, and engaging in self-care.


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