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Wonderfully Made

Jun 26, 2023

Can you relate to having an ideal version of yourself you are incessantly trying to become through perfectionism, strife and overachieving? Our western culture pressures us to be perfect in every aspect of our lives. While we may believe becoming our ideal selves will give us the fulfillment we are searching for, the reality is constantly trying to become someone we weren’t created to be, robs us of joy and contentment. In this conversation we talk about how breaking up with our ideal selves frees us to live authentically as the girls and women God made us to be.

In this conversation Allie and Christie talk about:

  • The formation of our ideal selves

  • How chasing our ideal selves robs us of contentment and joy

  • Allie and Christie’s continuing journey of surrendering their ideal selves

  • How perfectionism disconnects us with others and how authenticity and brokenness brings connection

  • How turning away from a self-focused life sets us free


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