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Wonderfully Made

Jul 10, 2023

Do you feel like you’re constantly plugged into technology and are consumed by social media? Is this lifestyle making you anxious, sad and distracted?  Be inspired and empowered by Kate Merrick and Allie Marie Smith’s conversation about pursuing a life of digital minimalism that brings contentment, peace, adventure and joy. Kate and Allie share their experiences of how pursuing a life of digital minimalism has changed their lives for the better and how it can change yours as well. 


Kate and Allie Talk About: 

  • Their own journeys towards a life of digital minimalism

  • What’s at stake if we continue to spend our lives on our phone

  • Practical tips to decrease the amount of time you spend on your phone and social media

  • How a lifestyle of digital minimalism leads to contentment, peace and joy


Kate Merrick is a wife, mom, and author of And Still She Laughs as well as Here, Now. She is the co-owner and designer of Mijas Del Mar (Daughters of the Sea), a collection of pre and post-surf styles inspired by vintage California and the golden lifestyle. She speaks, writes, creates, plays, and lives with her family in Carpinteria. 


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