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Wonderfully Made

May 10, 2021

Self-objectification is thinking of yourself as a collection of body parts first, and as a person second. Objectification is an over-obsession with a person's body without regard to who they really are. Most of us are familiar with the idea of men and the media seeing women as objects, devaluing them in the process. But is it possible for us as women to objectify ourselves and even each other? In this short solo episode Allie Marie Smith tackles the concept of self-objectification and how it might be robbing us of the life we've been made for. Allie shares her own story of objectifying herself and how God has helped her break free from body shame and begin to see herself through His eyes. May this episode invite you to a time of self-reflection and inspire you to practice true body positivity. May you begin to treat yourself with kindness and dignity and live into your true identity and worth.

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