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Wonderfully Made

Apr 23, 2024

In this episode, Allie Marie Smith introduces the community and encourages listeners to join. She then welcomes Colleen Blake Miller, a registered psychotherapist, to discuss cultivating confidence. Colleen defines confidence as knowing who you are and not allowing external factors to diminish that. They explore the difference between self-confidence and confidence in God, emphasizing that both are important. Colleen shares her personal journey of cultivating confidence and offers practical steps for others to do the same. They discuss the importance of embracing imperfections and how it impacts confidence. They also highlight the power of quiet confidence and deliver a message of worth and capability to all girls and women. Listeners are invited to connect with Colleen on Instagram and join the online community.




-Confidence is knowing who you are and not allowing external factors to diminish that.

-Both self-confidence and confidence in God are important and can coexist.

-Cultivating confidence requires self-awareness, active participation in self-talk, and intentional exposure to positive content.

-Embracing imperfections leads to greater self-acceptance and the ability to relate to others.

-Confidence can be quiet and settled, and it comes from recognizing one's worth and capabilities.

-Every girl and woman is worthy, capable, and has great things in store for them.


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